Project: Data Visualization in Python with Plotly Dash

For this project, I created and deployed a dashboard using Dash and an “Avocado Sales” dataset. I then deployed an interactive Flask/React/Plotly instance of the dashboard on Heroku.

This practice project was from a Real Python article written by Dylan Castillo. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the Real Python community; they have such great content.

Skills used: HTML, CSS, Python, GIT, Pandas, Plotly Dash

  • How to create a dashboard using Dash
  • How to customize the styling of your Dash application
  • How to make your app interactive by using Dash components
  • What callbacks are and how you can use them to create interactive applications
  • How to deploy your application on Heroku

Now, I’m off to find new datasets and begin building my next visualization dashboard.

Keep learning; keep practicing!